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15+ Best Cheap Watches Reviews

Some people think that the most interesting watches are the expensive ones that are made of exotic materials with intricate details like diamonds, gems, and other expensive stones. However, you don’t have to spend thousands for a high-quality timepiece. Some cheap watches have all the features of an excellent timepiece.

Having a handsome timepiece is an essential part of anyone’s style. The best cheap watches should not only look nice but it should also be functional. Time is valuable, which means that it is very important that you should have your own watch. Sometimes finding a quality watch with a cheap price is an impossible task. Luckily, there are lots of affordable options for people who want something simple and functional. There are shopping sites that can help you find something that works for you as well as your budget.

If you are thinking of buying a new timepiece, then check our list of some of the best options for cheap watches. Take a look:

Quick Overview Cheap Watches

Arctic Blast Best Cheap Watches
Shock Resistant, Adjustable Buckle, Limited Edition
4.5 Star Rating
Sirene de Soleil Leather Cheap Watches
Genuine Leather, Adjustable Band, Limited Edition
4.5 Star Rating
Pristine Primrose Cheap Watches For Men
Shock Resistant, Adjustable Buckle, Limited Edition
4.5 Star Rating
Seiko SUR773 Mens Cheap Watches
Stainless Steel, Black Leather Strap, Casual Watch
3.8 Star Rating
Engraved Wooden Men’s Cheap Watch
Vinyl Ebony Watch, Unisex, Handmade
5 Star Rating

Cheap Watches Reviews

Arctic Blast Best Cheap Watches

Best Cheap Watches

Arctic Blast Shock Resistant Marble Watch – Price: $39.95 – Get it via RTP

This opulent watch has an incredible artistry. Its glass window has an exceptional quality, so you can guarantee that the dial and the face of the watch are completely protected. The case of the watch measures 40mm, while the bandwidth is 20mm. Its length is 24cm and its thickness is 7mm. The watchband is sturdy since it is made from high-quality stainless steel. The adjustable buckle can let you wear the watch securely and comfortably. If you want something that matches every look and has a bit of character, then this is a superior option.

Sirene de Soleil Leather Cheap Watches

Cheap Watches

Sirene de Soleil Leather Marble Watch – Price: $39.95 – Get it via RTP

This marble watch looks elegant in a genuine leather strap. A classic and chic timepiece. With a sleek white marble face and black hour markers and hands, this exquisite watch is truly the perfect accessory. The adjustable strap makes you feel comfortable and secure. It makes a perfect addition to your watch collection or for a generous gift for a loved one. This watch measures 24cm in length, 7mm in thickness, 18mm in bandwidth and 40mm in case diameter.  It offers a moderately formal look at an affordable price. Best for people who are looking for a watch that would go with their suit or business attire.

Pristine Primrose Cheap Watches For Men

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Pristine Primrose Shock Resistant Marble Watch – Price: $39.95 – Get it via RTP

This is one of the most affordable and flexible casual watches you can find. With a rose gold case, black marble face and rose gold hour markers and hands, this timepiece compliments both edgy and refined looks. It is shock resistant and has an adjustable buckle. Made from genuine marble, the appearance of this sleek buckle strap watch is completely unique. The natural veining pattern of the marble is very fascinating. This is a limited edition and has a measurement of 24cm in length, 7mm in thickness, 40mm in case diameter and 20mm in bandwidth. This is extremely neat, the rose gold strap, black face, and vibrant markers all complement each other.

Seiko SUR773 Mens Cheap Watches

Cheap Watches Australia

Seiko SUR773 Cheap Watch – Get it via Amazon

A polished stainless steel dial is the perfect match to a dark, black leather strap. This handsome timepiece is the best accessory for any casual events. The round stainless steel case measures 29 mm with a thickness of 6 mm. The bandwidth is also 12mm. This cheap watch uses a needle buckle closure. A nice gift for a good friend. The display is analog while the movement is Japanese Quartz. The stainless steel watch and strap combination will not feel too heavy on your wrist.

Engraved Wooden Watch

Cheap Watches For Men

Engraved Wooden Watch – Price: $55.25 – Get it via Etsy

This is a handmade watch with a unique design. The movement is quartz and the band is made of leather. This is truly the best deal that you can have. This is a high-quality watch that uses Citizen Miyota Quartz Movement.  The round metal case measures 40mm with a thickness of 10mm.  The band length is 250mm with a thickness of 2.2mm. A one of a kind cheap watch for men and women. The gold hands and markers are perfect for the dark watch face. It allows you to easily read the time. This is the best option for those who consider themselves as the outdoor type.

Cheap Watches For Men

Sage Green Bamboo Men’s Cheap Watches

Cheap Watches For Womens

Sage Green Bamboo Watch – Price: $49.95 – Get it via RTP

Hand-crafted from bamboo. Timeless style with Sage Green nylon band. An eco-friendly watch with a sustainable design. This is a Japanese Miyota Quartz movement watch with a 43mm diameter case. The lightweight wood and the delicate nylon strap offer a comfortable fit. This sophisticated watch looks stylish and sturdy at the same time! It can suit almost all styles and tastes.

Minimal Color Bamboo Wooden Watch

Cheap Watches In Japan

Minimal Color Bamboo Wooden Watch – Price: $59.95 – Get it via RTP

This timepiece has no emblem on the face and uses a real bamboo case. It has a minimal design that captivates the natural essence of traditional bamboo. With a light leather blue strap, this Japanese Analog Quartz watch can be worn comfortably. The use of bamboo materials is also eco-friendly. The quartz crystal oscillates at a constant rate and does not need any winding whatsoever. You can guarantee that you will have an accurate reading every time. It comes with an excellent gift box.

Bamboo Watch with Silicone Wristband

Cheap Watches In Paris

Bamboo Watch with Silicone Wristband – Price: $59.95 – Get it via RTP

This natural looking wooden bamboo watch features a silicone band. There are three colors to choose from. The soft Silicone strap offers maximum comfort even during prolonged use. It looks classy and elegant everywhere you go. The case has a 41mm diameter while the band measures 12mm wide and 24cm long. It comes with an adjustable buckle to guarantee that it fits you perfectly. This timepiece is carefully packed and delivered to you in a nice wooden gift box. It is the perfect gift for relatives, friends, or loved ones.

Casio Men’s #MTP1375L-9AV Branded Cheap Watches

Cheap Watches In Singapore

Casio Men’s #MTP1375L-9AV Cheap Watch – Get it via Amazon

This Casio Men’s Leather Watch is multifunctional since it features 3 Dial Display (Day, Date, and 24 Hr Indicator). It looks elegant in a stainless steel case and brown leather strap. Tha dial case measures 48.5 × 42 × 9.7 mm. It has a logo at the center of the white dial face. The mineral crystal offers durability. It uses accurate Japan Quartz Movement with an accuracy of +/-20 seconds per month.  Also, it is water resistant (5 ATM). This brown and white watch offers a simple look of luxury to your wrist. Casio is a trusted name in the world of watches, well-known for its flexibility and endurance.

Hera Black Cheap Watches

Cheap Watches Tokyo

Hera Black Cheap Watches – Price: $37.09 – Get it via Etsy

This watch has a well-balanced design with a classic beauty. It is appropriate for any occasion and can match to nearly everything. It has a perfect combination of pastel pink and gold, giving it a distinctive design. The pastel pink dial face measures 35 mm and has a thickness of  7.2 mm. The band is made from leather and include a gold buckle. If you’re doubtful of what to choose, safer is always the best. This timepiece can go with almost every outfit in your closet.

Ladies’ Cheap Watches

Sienna Marble Deluxe Leather Watch

Ladies Cheap Watches

Sienna Marble Deluxe Leather Watch – Price: $39.95 – Get it via RTP

A real marble watch that features awesome grains and unique textures. The marble dial is detailed with the white minute and hour hands. The high-quality casing is finely polished to create an amazing finish, worthy of its luxurious prestige. The timepiece is secured with a quartz crystal glass window. Its genuine black leather strap is secured with a safety clasp. An elegant and fresh looking watch, perfect for accessorizing your everyday wear. If you are unsure of what you want in a watch and you are looking for something versatile, then this is a solid option.

Octagon Bamboo Watch

Mens Cheap Watches

Octagon Bamboo Watch – Price: $49.95 – Get it via RTP

This lovely watch is crafted from bamboo. The strap is made from genuine leather and is very comfortable to wear. It is elegantly packed in a nice gift box with a soft cushion making it an ideal gift. The dial face measures 45mm diameter. The strap is 12mm wide and 24cm long. The adjustable buckle can guarantee you with a perfect fit.

Summer Solstice Handmade Bamboo Wristwatch

Michael Kors Cheap Watches

Summer Solstice Handmade Bamboo Wristwatch – Price: $89.95 – Get it via RTP

This minimalist watch is handcrafted from real bamboo wood. The bamboo strap keeps your skin comfortable and fresh. An excellent watch for those who have metal allergies. It uses a 100% Japanese Miyota Quartz movement. The stainless steel clasp can secure the watch on your wrist. It has a simple design with a modern finish. This watch is absolutely natural, which means that it has no paint and no chemical. A perfect accessory for your summer outfit.

Timex Womens Leather Cheap Watch

Rolex Cheap Watches

Timex Womens Leather Cheap Watch – Get it via Amazon

This elegant white watch can make a strong fashion statement. It can complete any look. The flexible leather can make you feel comfortable anytime.  It is very charming and suits all occasions. The band is made from white stitched genuine leather. It has a cream dial face with rose gold-tone luminous hands and markers.  This watch is water resistant to 30m (100ft). Generally, it can withstand splashes or abrupt immersion in water. However, it is not suitable for swimming or bathing.

Ceramic and Stainless Steel Cheap Watch

Tag Heuer Cheap Watches

Ceramic and Stainless Steel Cheap Watch – Price: $39.94 – Get it via Etsy

This high-quality ladies ceramic and stainless steel wristwatch makes a great gift for your loved ones or for yourself. The white dial with studs can always keep you on time. Accentuate your wrist with more than just a bracelet. Wear a watch that is just as unique as your personality! This bracelet watch has a width of 12mm and a length of 20cm. Add luxury to your style!

How To Buy The Right Watch

The decision of which watch to purchase is a deeply personal choice. Regardless if you have a huge collection of timepieces, you’ve probably thoughtfully considered the purchase of each. It is very important to make a better, informed decision so you can have a longer and much more satisfying relationship with your watch.

You’re at work and somebody asks you the time. You quickly lift your wrist and everybody sees it. Your bulky, mobster style, diamond crowned watch. Perhaps, this is a bit exaggerating. But the truth is, size does matter. Why? It is only natural for human beings to notice quickly if something is out of balance. It’s already implanted in our DNA. When something is in proportion it seems like a normal feeling.

Human beings are always leaning towards natural balance. It is basically in our instinct, whether you’re constructing a house or balancing a checkbook. As a rule, in case you have a smaller wrist, you would be more interested in buying a smaller watch. Adversely, in case you have a bigger wrist, you would want a bigger watch. There are important elements to consider in selecting the right watch size for you. These are the diameter of the watch case, the thickness of the watch case, the width of the watch band, the material of the watch band and other watch details and components.

Wrist Measure Guide

When it comes to proportion, the watch case diameter is the most obvious and prominent element. For men’s watches, the measurement is between 38mm to 46mm. If it goes beyond 46mm then it is a bit too big and is best for gaudy outfits. On the other hand, if it goes below 38mm then it’s more appropriate for women.
So how do you know which size is perfect for you?

The first thing that you have to do is to measure your wrist. If it measures between 6 to 7 inches then you have a small to medium wrist size. The best diameter cases that suit you are 38mm, 40mm, and 42mm. In case, your wrist is between 7.5 to 8 inches then you’ll probably need larger cases which are between 44mm to 46mm.

The thickness of the case is usually associated with the case diameter. Generally speaking, as the diameter of the watch case decreases or increases so does its thickness.

Buying Cheap Watches Online

Cheap watches are ultimately fascinating. They are the best way of infusing a touch of style into your look without putting a big hole in your pocket. Yet, there are some things that you have to think about when it comes to buying cheap watches online.


Timex Cheap Watches

Timex Chronograph Watch – Get it via Amazon

Purchase something that can look stylish on you, not just because it is cheap. Most people have the wrong mindset when it comes to buying cheap watches. They choose to buy it because it is cheap. They do not mind if it will look absolutely great on them. Sincerely, if the watch that you are buying does not match your style, then perhaps you shouldn’t purchase it.


Avoid buying watches which are drastically cheap. There must be a reason why it is very cheap. Some watches have very low prices and looked fairly decent. However, if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is!


Before buying a cheap watch online, you should always check its reviews. If there are no reviews, or the reviews are vigorously negative, then perhaps it is not your best interest to buy that watch!


Cheap watches are high-quality, not all of course, but there are, especially handmade ones. Also, expensive watches are priced high because of the brand name. It is always better to do some research and weigh out your options.


The features are one of the most important things that you should consider if you want to buy a watch. Undoubtedly, you can’t expect too many features in cheap watches, however, it should still be something worth wearing.

Most people who are buying cheap watches have particular features in mind. It would be smarter if you should do the same. For instance, if you want something that is water resistant to a specific depth, then buy a watch that meets those needs. You don’t have to settle for something awful just because you want to buy the cheaper one.

If you are buying cheap watches offline, then make sure that you have tried it on. You have to make sure that it looks great and feels good on your wrist. For instance, it should not be too heavy or too loose.

Nevertheless, if you want to purchase your watch online then reviews of the watch are your best source of information. These customer reviews can help you in understanding what you are buying when shopping online.